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Measuring the value of older stock to UK cities


In February 2016 Clementine Cottineau (a research associate at CASA working on the Bartlett UK Regions Digital Research Facility) began working with Polly Hudson to develop methods of measuring the degree to which the size, wealth and future potential of UK cities is influenced by the age of their building stock. 


As access to comprehensive building age data is currently restricted by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) - and progress at CASA on alternative methods of crowdsourcing building age data is still at an early stage - a range of alternative spatial and statistical datasets are, initially, being employed.


These include VOA aggregated age data at LSOA level, English Housing Survey summary statistics,  and Listed building and Conservation Area datasets - indicating the geolocation of concentrations of older stock, kindly supplied by Historic England. 


Listed building data are currently being cleaned and 'non buildings' (ie railings, lamposts and bollards etc included as list entries) extracted. Further information on research progress will be posted here along with results. First stage visualisations separating list entries into land use categories is shown below

 and visualisations. 





















Clementine Cottineau 2016

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