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Data Categories (Under construction) 


What kind of information do we need to collect about our building stock to understand its composition and assess its value and rate of change? What already exists and how much of this is open?


In order to analyse the socio economic impact individual buildings make to a city as a whole, and to identify their potential long term contribution to energy reduction we need access to the different types of detailed data to enable analysis to take place.


Composition of the Building stock

Physical metadata: This information relates to the physical properties of the building such as building type/land use, age, height, area, materials, roof type, percentage of glazing  e main type of open data we need to collect relates to the fabric.

Historical spatial metatdata: This allows us to assess the number of times sites have been rebuilt to enable demolition rates, materials stock flows and extraction levels to be calculated. It also allows for patterns of change in land use deprivation, health, crime etc (where information is available at granular level) to be better understood. This information is also required in machine learning to predict change.

Designation metatdata: This primarily relates to buildings that are listed buildings or within conservation areas. This information provides information relevant to assessment of demolition rates, and to analysis of patterns of high capital value stock.

Census data: This is collected  largely through the 10 year census by household, and output area including on average 125 households. Relevant information of most significance for our analysis relates to deprivation and  qualification 


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